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Meet our Climate Champions

Climate change can be a daunting topic, but there are many inspiring stories. Every day we see more businesses, organisations and governments coming together to take concrete steps towards a zero emissions future. 

Our climate champions are showcasing their commitments and actions to inspire other Australians to act on climate change and realise zero emissions opportunities. Read their stories below.

By working together, we can harness the opportunities from investment in zero emissions industries, including renovating and creating zero emissions buildings, transport, cities and regions; electrifying and innovating manufacturing; regenerative agriculture; carbon neutral food production; land restoration and biodiversity protection; and creating sustainable jobs to build better futures for all Australians. We can also seize the opportunity to become a clean energy superpower, via direct renewable energy exports and in jobs rich industries like green steel, cement, aluminium and hydrogen.

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Michael Frangos

Michael is CEO of Indigenous Energy Australia. He shared with us that Australia "should be facilitating a society wide transformation by fostering a conviction, role modelling appropriate behaviours and mindsets, developing skills...
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