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Sarah Wilson

Author of This One Wild and Precious Life

July 2022

Sarah is a Former Journalist, TV presenter and Author. Most recently, she published "This One Wild and Precious Life: The Path Back to Connection in a Fractured World".

She argues that it is the sense of despair and disconnection that unites us – that deep down, we are all feeling that same itch for a new way of living. Her new book, This One Wild and Precious Life opens our eyes to how we got here and offers a radically hopeful path forward. Drawing on science, literature, philosophy, the wisdom of some of the world's leading experts, and her personal journey, Wilson weaves a one-of-a-kind narrative that lights the way back to the life we love.

The time has come to boldly, wildly, imagine better, and I’m proud to be an Ambassador for this unprecedented initiative to invite all Australians to step up their ambition on climate action, imagine better, a better future for all”.

Sarah is a thought leader with great influence (she has 258,000 Instagram followers, 185,000 on Facebook and 46,000 on Twitter) and sees her skill as taking complex ideas and making them easy to understand. Doughnut economics, for instance.

I’ve been motivated by preaching to the unconverted. I want to make the concept of making a difference psychologically palatable. The blockage is not the idea of doing it, for most people, it’s the idea that nothing they will do will actually make a difference. But we have to show up – for ourselves, for the planet. It’s hard. But humans are actually best when we are fending, when we’re a little uncomfortable. We are actually naturally equipped to deal with emergencies. We’re good at it. Look what happened when we needed masks during the pandemic – people stepped up. We will step up again”.

Sarah Wilson rose to prominence with her sugar-free lifestyle. She is known for New York Times bestsellers I Quit Sugar and First, We Make the Beast Beautiful. Now, she wants her community to get politically active, reconnect with nature and tackle climate change.


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