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Rob Gell AM

Founder & Director of ReThink Sustainability Pty Ltd

July 2022

Rob is the Director of Attentis® Pty Ltd, Founder & Director of ReThink Sustainability Pty Ltd, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, President of the Royal Society of Victoria, and Fellow of the Environment Institute of Australia & New Zealand. We wanted to learn more about his vision of a better future for Australia. 

We need to develop a much more collaborative society, with business, science and communities working together and seeing natural habitat as an interconnected system."

As a trained coastal geomorphologist and geography educator, and with over a decade of experience working in the climate action space, Rob believes there is potential for better futures if business and science sectors take collaborative climate action.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, for Australia, I think we've started to look at things quite differently. We've been moving back to community. There is a new awareness. The finance sector is getting it, but it's going to take all of us."

Rob thinks Australia is in a unique position to be "the solar belt buckle of the world" if we work together to create a sophisticated renewable energy grid system today.

Once our corporate sector understands the value in managing systems better and operating as business communities, I think it’s really going to make a difference… I’m enthusiastic that we’ll see some sort of a breakthrough.”

Rob would like to see the State and Territory Governments collaborate to meet their net-zero by 2050 commitments, and "issue a joint communique calling for national climate policy that supports them in getting there sooner."


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