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Tessa Carroll

Creative Director at A_C OFFICIAL

Tessa is the Creative Director at A_C OFFICIAL and says they use "fashion as a vessel for change because the sheer size of the global market means we can create a large impact."

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A_C OFFICIAL is an ethical and sustainable accessories brand, designed to tackle climate change, one handbag at a time. To do this, we use innovative plant-based and recycled textiles, effectively drawing down carbon from the production of these materials and diverting waste from landfill. To support this, we also donate profits from each sale to foundations working on carbon sequestration projects, such as the Climate Foundation.

Why is A_C OFFICIAL taking climate action?

It’s not enough to be environmentally friendly, we need to be environmentally beneficial. We don’t have time to avoid causing damage to the planet, we need to be actively reversing it. We use fashion as a vessel for change because the sheer size of the global market means we can create a large impact. We set out to prove sustainable and luxury-goods can co-exist.

How is A_C OFFICIAL taking climate action?

We are working with a number of suppliers that promote radical transparency. Our current factory has intentions to move all production off grid in the next 5 years. Our head office is powered through renewable energy only and our courier partners are carbon neutral. Further, we donate $5 of each sale to build sea-kelp forests off the coast of Tasmania. This is to offset our own carbon footprint during the importation process. We are moving towards being a sea-freight only business which will delay our deliveries but will ensure our footprint is 26x less than air-freight.
Other emission reduction targets are currently being determined as we establish our framework. This is always a work in progress as we strive to do and be more energy conscious.

Can you share something A_C OFFICIAL is currently planning or delivering that you are excited about?

We are about to release the very first range of cactus leather handbags and accessories. We will be first to market with this innovation which is made from the cuttings of the cactus plant.

What opportunities has A_C OFFICIAL uncovered from taking climate action today?

This is hard to say as climate change is an invisible enemy. We know it is happening but in our day-to-day we cannot see it. Therefore we carry on doing and being the best we can, inspiring others to do the same and influencing our political parties.

What climate action would you like to see Australia take?

A mass shift away from fossil fuels and into the renewable energy sector is paramount. We need to harness solar and wind power to run our country and the surrounding ones through renewable export opportunities like hydrogen. It is possible and it should not be political.

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