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Sasha Titchkosky

Co-founder and CEO of Koskela

July 2022

For me, a better future for Australia is one that is firmly grounded in renewable energy, has a sustainable and high wages manufacturing sector, and a much greater respect for Australia’s unique biodiversity and a real recognition of our indigenous heritage and the knowledge that brings."

Sasha is the co-founder and CEO of one of Australia's most innovative and well-respected furniture and homewares design businesses. A certified BCorp, Koskela designs and supplies furniture for workplace, education and residential environments. Sasha's prior experience in the corporate world fuelled her passion for the creation of a business with a unique purpose-driven culture.

As producers of 'stuff', we have a high level of responsibility, and so our first major environmental focus, as producers of 'stuff' was to localise manufacturing. Our primary goal this year is to become certified carbon neutral, to sign up to the science based targets, and to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Culturally we are shifting strategy so that we are always pushing the boundaries on things, even as a small company - and taking a leadership role on climate."

Sasha, in conjunction with co-founder Russel Koskela, has for close to 20 years championed a commitment to local manufacturing, environmental awareness and a decade long Impact program. Sasha was the originator of Koskela's Impact activities which focus on using Koskela's design skills to create income-earning opportunities for Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Koskela is a member of Supply Nation.


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