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Better Futures Australia's network of partners are amplifying climate work already underway by bringing together public and private sector leaders to scale success stories and demonstrate Australia’s readiness for an ambitious national response to climate change.

Together, we are building local cross-sectoral networks, showcasing individual and collaborative climate action, and inviting all Australians to join a growing community of climate champions in advocating for a national response that will reach zero emissions by 2050 or sooner.

Sign the Declaration today and join us in demonstrating the willingness of Australians to take ambitious climate action.

Coordination and collaboration across industry sectors and communities is central to Better Futures Australia's work in driving ambitious climate action today. This is done primarily through Sector Working Groups that bring together new and existing climate champions in their industry sectors and communities, and connect in partners which provide support for scaling further actions. Visit the Sector Working Groups page for further information on their activities and how to get involved.

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Still have questions? Visit our FAQs page to read more about the initiative here.

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