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Join the global Race to Zero

Race to Zero is the UN-backed global campaign rallying non-state actors – including companies, cities, regions, financial and educational institutions – to take rigorous and immediate action to halve global emissions by 2030 and deliver a healthier, fairer zero carbon world before it’s too late.

All members are committed to the same overarching goal: reducing emissions across all scopes swiftly and fairly in line with the Paris Agreement, with transparent action plans and robust near-term targets.

Better Futures Australia is an Accelerator Partner of the UNFCCC's Race to Zero campaign, which mobilises cities and organisations to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. As part of this partnership, Better Futures Australia provides support and guidance to Signatories to join the Race.

Both Better Futures Australia and the UNFCCC Race to Zero campaign are committed to credible commitments to a zero emissions future. The Race to Zero team has prepared the “Get Net Zero Right” toolkit to help us all understand what a credible commitment looks like, including insight into critical topics such as emissions scopes, offsetting, interim targets and immediate action plans. Learn more here.

Better Futures Australia Signatories wanting to join the Race will be assisted by partners to meet stringent criteria to bring them to the starting line for a credible race to zero emissions. These actors will join 120 countries in the largest ever alliance committed to halving emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

Better Futures Australia signatories commit to working to achieving zero emissions well before 2050. Science-based targets are encouraged to guide emissions reduction activities wherever possible, with verified offsets that emphasise carbon removal used to balance emissions that cannot be avoided or eliminated in other ways. 

Race to Zero participants are expected to:

  • PLEDGE: Publicly commit to Net Zero by 2030 through a communication from the highest level executive in the company.
  • PLAN: Outline and share with relevant stakeholders the steps you will take in the short and medium term to meet this commitment.
  • PROCEED: Take immediate and regular action towards your targets.
  • PUBLISH: Self report progress against your plan and targets at least annually on the company’s website, blog site, and/or sustainability report.

Benefits of being part of the Race to Zero campaign:

  • Your climate commitments and action efforts will be recognised as credible and science-based, supported by the UN;
  • You will be supported in setting, implementing and achieving your targets;
  • You will join a community of members spanning regions and sectors, with whom to share tools and knowledge;
  • You will have access to powerful communications material and play a part in the run up to and at COP27;
  • You will actively play a role in 2022 as the most decisive year in climate action history.


Image Credit: Photoholgic - Unsplash