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Adam Smith

Manager of Reef Ecologic

As the Managing Director of Reef Ecologic, Adam's vision for a better future for Australians involves "a better planet with coral reefs that are healthy and thriving because of collaborative care and management using the best available ideas and knowledge".

Read more about Adam and Reef Ecologic below.

Can you tell us more about Reef Ecologic?

Reef Ecologic specialises in providing expert advice to design and implement innovative solutions to environmental challenges facing tropical marine ecosystems and the people who love and depend upon them. We bring over 40 years of experience at the leading edge of coral reef science, management, and policy to provide insight, guide strategic actions, and build capacity among the leaders of today and tomorrow to secure a more sustainable future.

Read the Reef Ecologic Environmental Policy here.

Why is Reef Ecologic taking climate action?

We care about the future of our planet, country, and the local community, and recognise that action requires leadership and resources. We care deeply and wish to show that it is possible and beneficial to ensuring a better future for us all.

Can you tell us about your commitments to climate action? 

We are a climate-positive business. Our office operates on solar power and a Tesla battery, and we reduce our climate footprint by measuring our impact and offset.

Is there a project you are working on that you are excited about?

We are a drop in the ocean and would love to work with other scientists, artists, indigenous groups, businesses, and communities to empower them to achieve this goal as rapidly as possible.

What real-world opportunities have you uncovered from taking climate action today? 

Our reputation as a sustainable business has led to awards and certifications. This has led to the opportunity to advise large international corporations about climate vulnerability, climate policy, and actions.

What climate action would you like to see Australia take?

Climate Positive Great Barrier Reef by 2025. This includes all businesses and government.

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