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Sector Working Groups

The Better Futures Australia community is supported by a growing number of Sector Working Groups co-convened by a network of partner organisations. These groups design and deliver a range of engagement, climate action and joint advocacy activities to work with government and peers to create better, zero-emissions futures for us all.

Each group plays a critical role in driving climate action by coordinating collaborative efforts within their industry sectors and communities and connecting in new and existing climate champions to build cross-sectoral networks for scaling further actions. Watch this short video to hear from some of our excellent group convenors.

Where available, information including Working Group convenors, activities underway and how to get involved is provided below.

Heavy Industries

Including businesses and stakeholders involved in resource extraction, construction, transportation, and manufacture. Activities typically incorporate sourcing, processing and production, sale, and disposal of raw materials and waste. This Sector Working Group is under development....

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Local Councils & Cities

The Local Councils & Cities Working Group convenes representatives of Australian cities, shires, towns, regional councils and municipalities, along with organisations and businesses that work closely with local government. We can win, and local...

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Corporate & Finance

The Corporate and Finance Working Group convenes representatives of for-profit companies and SMEs, financial service firms and institutions, including investors and professionals from insurance and superannuation companies, managed funds and banks. The leadership from...

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Health Care

The Health Care Working Group convenes representatives of organisations, businesses and institutions that support the practice and delivery of healthcare services, including healthcare providers, public health advocates, researchers, insurers and unions. We need to...

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Land & Agriculture

The Land and Agriculture Working Group convenes representatives from across Australia's farming and land steward community including crop and livestock producers, foresters, sellers, land stewards and conservationists, catchment bodies, blue and green carbon farmers,...

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

The Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Working Group represents organisations, coalitions, researchers, institutions, businesses, and community groups that support the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Cathryn Eatock and Ray Minniecon co-convene the Aboriginal &...

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Representatives from all major faith traditions, inspired by religion, their beliefs and spirituality to work together to safeguard the earth and create a climate-resilient future. This Sector Working Group is under development. If you...

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Renewable Storage

Businesses, agencies, regulatory and industry bodies, communities, and researchers involved in the generation, distribution and/or sale of electrical power with an interest in unleashing renewable energy storage.  This Sector Working Group is under development....

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