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Anika Molesworth

Farmer, Scientist, and the Founder of Climate Wise Agriculture




The climate crisis is not imminent - it is here. Farmers are being challenged today and this concerns everyone who eats food. 

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Anika says her vision for a better future for all Australians "is one where we have a safe and stable climate; where people are nourished well by the food they eat and consume a diet that is healthy for the planet; where people feel connected and responsible for the environment around them."

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Can you tell us about Climate Wise Agriculture? 

From those who study life under microscopes to those who spend their days in dusty sheep yards, people who are involved in agriculture are inquisitive, innovative, and committed to continual improvement.

Climate Wise Agriculture provides a forum for information and experiences to be exchanged in order to build a greater understanding of climate change as it relates to agricultural industries across the globe. It seeks to develop a network of well-informed, well-equipped people in agriculture to ensure the best for this industry. Information is always current and credible and explains drivers of climate change, the impacts upon agriculture, and appropriate adaptation and mitigation strategies. 

Climate Wise Agriculture shares this knowledge in order to transfer best practices and drive strategy so as to achieve climate-resilient and sustainable agricultural industries.

Why is Climate Wise Agriculture taking climate action? 

I know that we can live and eat in a way that is good for both people and the planet. By working together, we can find the answers on how to feed the global population well and in a way that tackles climate change.

Can you tell us about your commitments to climate action? 

I work with change-makers, status quo-breakers, and vision-chasers. An energised community that asks better questions of problems in the food system and seeks out innovative solutions. I strive to help create a better tomorrow.

Is there a project you are working on that you are excited about?

My debut book on climate change and the food system will be published in August 2021, which explores both the challenges and the solutions.

Over the past few months, I have been researching, interviewing, and writing a powerful narrative that will engage and inspire readers on how we can ensure the meal on our plate is both good for people and the planet.

Bringing together stories and ideas from farmers, nutritionists, climate scientists, chefs, and social entrepreneurs, my book aims to deliver a compelling vision for improving the food system.

What real-world opportunities have you uncovered from taking climate action today? 

The climate crisis is not imminent - it is here. Farmers are being challenged today and this concerns everyone who eats food.

My book shares the story of humanity entangled in the climate crisis throughout the food system. In order to look after the food system and the environment, we need to recognise the connection people have to nature, understand why we are crossing Earth’s boundaries, and how we as individuals can influence positive change and secure a better future for our world and all the precious life it holds. Ultimately, it is my hope that the reader will find knowledge, skills, inspiration, and courage from within these pages.

So many real-world opportunities exist - from carbon sequestration on farms, lowering food waste, circular economies, and renewable energy projects - the opportunities are enormous!

What climate action would you like to see Australia take?

We must get to net zero and beyond as quickly as possible, with consideration for a just transition and climate justice. I would like to see Australia take part in this in a serious and urgent manner.

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