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Ray Minniecon

Executive Member of Indigenous Peoples’ Organisation Australia (IPO) and Director of Bunji Consultancies;

Aboriginal Pastor with roots in the Kabikabi and Gurang-Gurang Tribes of Queensland

As Australians, let us make a sacred affirmation and recognition together, to recognise our collective responsibility to care for our Mother Earth so that our future generations are not robbed or deprived of their rightful inheritance which is our responsibility to pass on to them, these same entitlements and benefits that our ancestors passed on to us for our benefit and enjoyment.”

As an Aboriginal pastor with roots in the Kabikabi and Gurang-Gurang tribes of Queensland, Ray has dedicated his life to supporting members of the Stolen Generations of Aboriginals. He is an active Executive Member of the Indigenous Peoples’ Organisation Australia (IPO), which is a national coalition of 285 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and people who are committed to advocating for the rights of Indigenous peoples.

The IPO draws on United Nations mechanisms and instruments, such as the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, to assert the recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ rights within Australia. Ray is also Director of Bunji Consultancies, providing strategic analysis, advice and services to improve achievement of environmental and organisational developmental goals.

Ray believes we need a stronger national strategy, political system reform and a deeper appreciation and integration of Aboriginal culture if we are to forge a better future, especially when it comes to climate action.

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