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Thea Ormerod

President, Australian Religious Response to Climate Change Inc. (ARRCC)

"A better future for all Australians means a prosperous economy and plentiful jobs based on values promoted by all the world’s great religious traditions: compassion, fairness, truth-telling, respect for life, responsibility in caring for the earth."

Thea Ormerod is the President of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change Inc. (ARRCC), a multi-faith organisation established in 2007 by The Climate Institute. ARRCC’s constituency is drawn from many of the faith traditions – Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Baha’i, Jewish, Jain, etc., with the largest percentage (69%) from various Christian denominations.

"All our faith traditions have teachings and values that encourage us to care for people, especially people on the margins, those who have no voice or who are suffering. Climate disruption is a threat multiplier for humanity, but especially those in these more vulnerable situations and coming generations."

Thea's work with ARRCC is creating the faith-based support and action needed to achieve a critical mass of active citizens dedicated to Australia making an ambitious response to climate change.

"Our various faith traditions teach us, too, to live simply. We attempt to live low carbon lifestyles, not only as a form of climate action but because it’s integral to living our beliefs and values authentically."

Thea shared that ARRCC would like Australia to take action on climate change by:

  1. Supporting a sustainable, just recovery from COVID-19
  2. Committing to and implementing at least a two-thirds reduction in Australia’s emissions by 2030
  3. Making polluters and rich countries pay for climate damage and support people who have been the most impacted
  4. Committing to no new fossil fuels or deforestation
  5. Ensuring a rapid transition to 100% renewables

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