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John Grimes

CEO at Smart Energy Council

Australia’s best days lie ahead. By transitioning rapidly, we can create more wealth, more job opportunities and cement ourselves as a moral global leader. By acting today, we will not only create a safe planet and secure our future, but we will prosper as well."

As CEO at Smart Energy Council, an independent body representing a diverse group of around a thousand companies operating across Australia, John believes the only way we can have a strong economy is to have a safe climate.

"The rest of the world is getting on with the shift to cheaper electricity, and that is making them more economically competitive. By acting today, Australia can create huge business and economic opportunities." 

John has a passion for the solar, storage and the smart energy industry and is excited by the potential for renewable hydrogen to open doors for renewable energy markets.

"I think that it is a travesty for the Federal Government not to act. The Australian economy depends on the energy resources that we send to the world. And those resources are now absolutely a threat. They have an expiry date on them. Either we ignore that fact, and in 15 years, the world is going to squish us as those markets evaporate. Or the Federal Government delivers on its moral responsibility to reposition the Australian economy. We have the opportunity to make the most of our competitive advantages, including our fantastic sunshine and wind and our energy-exporting infrastructure, stable democracy and relationships across the Asia Pacific region."

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