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Casey Whitelaw

Founder of Go Neutral

Casey is the founder of Go Neutral, a carbon offsetting platform for automobile owners. Casey pivoted from a career in technology to focus on climate action to build a better future for the next generation. He sees a future where Australia isn't just net zero, but has become a carbon capturing superpower. A future where rebuilding our land has also rebuilt our economy, so that our country and people can thrive.

Read more about Casey and Go Neutral below.

Can you tell us more about Go Neutral?

Go Neutral makes it easy for everyone to take meaningful action on climate change. We make carbon offset products that support 100% Australian carbon removal projects. We believe in the power of positive action, and the importance of inclusion: together, we can make a real difference. We're starting with cars. Like it or not, most people need to drive, and it will be years until we all have EVs. Until then, get a Go Neutral sticker! When you buy a Go Neutral sticker, you make your car carbon neutral for a year. You've taken responsibility for your emissions, and you're also spreading the word about climate action wherever you go.

Why is Go Neutral taking climate action?

We want everyone to feel empowered to do more to slow climate change. You shouldn't have to be an expert or an eco-warrior. Real impact comes from getting more people involved: instead of demanding perfection, we want everyone to do what they can, and feeling great when they do!

Can you tell us about your commitments to climate action? 

We support Australian carbon sequestration projects because it builds a better future for us all. Regenerating our land not only removes carbon from the air, it also improves the soil, creates more forest, and strengthens our climate resilience. We are helping build a new regional industry.

Is there a project you are working on that you are excited about?

Go Neutral stickers are popping up everywhere. From inner-city hybrids to country utes, from family vans to a student's first car. Each one is a sign that people want to take action - and that action is easier than you think.

What real-world opportunities have you uncovered from taking climate action today? 

Every week, I meet people from different walks of life who care about climate, but don't fit the stereotypes we have. I want Go Neutral to help show that everyone can make a difference, and that it's much more important to focus on the big steps that you can take, than to be discouraged by the ways in which we can't be perfect.

What climate action would you like to see Australia take?

At this point, net zero 2050 commitments aren't enough: we need to start treating decarbonisation as an opportunity, and embrace it as fully and quickly as possible. We have been worrying about cost when we should be working out how Australia can lead the way to a better future for us all.

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