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Kayla Mossuto

Co-founder of Crema Joe

Kayla is the co-founder of Crema Joe, a company specialising in reusable coffee pods for retail and corporate sectors. The company’s ethos is all around ‘reuse’ and is working on an exciting new product launch using recycled plastic bottle caps. Kayla believes that we need to leave our earth a greener place for our children and children’s children.

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Can you tell us about Crema Joe

Launched in 2014, Crema Joe specialises in reusable coffee pods, assisting coffee capsule machine owners to reduce their waste and environmental footprint.

Why is Crema Joe taking climate action? 

We’re determined to leave our earth a greener place for our children and children’s children.

Can you tell us about your commitments to climate action? 

Our ethos is focused on “reuse.” This is ethos is carried across the entirety of our business. From top to bottom, we are committed to reducing our impact as a business with a focus on responsible & sustainable supply chain and utilising reclaimed materials wherever possible.

Is there a project you are working on that you are excited about?

We’re gearing up to launch a new product made entirely of locally sourced, recycled plastic bottle caps.

What real-world opportunities have you uncovered from taking climate action today? 

We’ve created our own closed-loop within our local community - we accept pre-loved packaging materials for reuse in shipping our eCommerce orders. Not only does this greatly assist us in reducing our own impact, it has also helped us to become an integral part in assisting our community to reduce their waste.


What climate action would you like to see Australia take?

Impactful legislative change. Australian politicians are not taking the issue of our changing climate and environment issues seriously enough. We can no longer ignore the facts. We must act now, and we MUST do better as a nation.

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