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Mindy Leow

We are in the early stages of a global culture shift that is transforming our vision of the purpose of business from a late-20th-century view – that it is to maximise value for shareholders – to a 21st-century view that the purpose of business is to maximise shared value for all stakeholders of society." 

Mindy Leow is the Community Builder at B Lab Australia & New Zealand, the not-for-profit organisation behind B Corp certification. At B Lab, Mindy is building a community of purpose-driven companies to redefine success in business and use business as a force for good. B Lab’s vision is a world where companies compete to be not just best in the world, but best "for" the world. 

In a past life, Mindy was a corporate refugee working in the media and advertising industries in the US. Her search for purpose led her to the social enterprise sector in Australia, where she found the meeting of "profit and purpose".  Mindy holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School, and Bachelor in Journalism from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Mindy believes a cultural shift led by consumer action is pushing businesses to redefine their place and purpose within the communities they operate within and serve. 

Significantly, this shareholder to stakeholder transition is being driven by market-based activism, not by government intervention. Rather than simply debating the role of government in the economy, people are taking action to harness the power of business to solve society’s greatest challenges. 

Mindy Leow is Head of Community Building at B Lab Australia and New Zealand Ltd.

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