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Amanda Cahill

CEO of The Next Economy

July 2022

Amanda is the CEO of The Next Economy, Associate at The University of Queensland and the University of Sydney’s Policy Lab. We asked her what a better future looks like for Australians. 

The questions we need to be asking are how do we have economic opportunities and prosperity, and good jobs, jobs that are creating wellbeing for people, and that includes the health of the planet on which we depend."

With a deep understanding of economic development and sustainability, Amanda Cahill comes at climate action from the perspective that it’s not “jobs versus the environment, or the economy versus the environment”.

She has spent over two decades supporting communities to manage economic change across Asia, the Pacific and regional Australia. 

Much of Amanda’s work involves supporting communities to transition to a zero-emissions economy by supporting all levels of government, industry, workers and community groups to understand and manage different aspects of the energy transition. 

She is regularly sought after as a media commentator and has contributed to a range of film and television projects including the 2040 movie and the recent series Fight for Planet A

Amanda is a 2020 Churchill Scholar, has a PhD in Human Geography from the Australian National University.


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