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Amanda Tattersall

Education Lead and Postdoctoral Fellow at Sydney Policy Lab, University of Sydney Organising Cities Project, and Host of the ChangeMakers Podcast

I have learned that social change doesn’t happen unless it has a broad base of support behind it. I believe that people can do something about climate change by coming together. One of the things I try to do is share positive stories of change taking place around the world."

As a parent to two children, Amanda is inspired by the leadership of Australia's youth. "The youth strikers have been one of the most inspirational groups I’ve worked with, to change the future that climate change could give them and rewrite the history that the older generations would have left for them."

Amanda co-founded, Australia’s most successful digital advocacy organisation with over 1 million members. She also founded and ran the Sydney Alliance for nine years. Today she is the Education Lead at the Sydney Policy Lab, University of Sydney, and Host of the ChangeMakers Podcast.

"I hope the Federal Government listens to its people. Most people in Australia are worried about climate change and would like our political leaders to respond in a way that is not divisive. They have managed well by listening to the health experts on COVID. The government needs to apply that same listening and creative thinking that is required to face the climate challenge."

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