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Natasha Honeyman

Designer & Owner of Tasha Rui




My view is that good design can help everyday Australians to be living more comfortable and eco-conscious lifestyles.



As the owner and designer of an eco-friendly fashion label, Natasha's vision is for all Australians to enjoy our wonderful environment for years to come. 

Read more from our interview with Natasha Honeyman below.

What is Tasha Rui?

Tasha Rui is a resortwear label elevating eco to fashion through original art prints.

Why is Tasha Rui taking climate action?

Fashion is one of the highest polluting industries presently and this lack of care for the environment and high wastage through fast fashion breaks my heart. In addition, the treatment of people working within the fashion industry at times has proven to be deplorable. I started my fashion label to contribute towards a solution for women who want to be fashionable, wear well-cut garments that are environmentally sustainable, and treat the makers well. When I was in high school I had to choose my career path, my interests were arts and environmental science, and it was not possible at that time to study both areas across two different universities. Tasha Rui brings together my passions with my creative talents with my drive to be a change-maker in the fashion industry.

How is Tasha Rui taking climate action?

As the Director of a startup fashion label, I have committed Tasha Rui to the following steps on climate action:

  • Design consciously
  • Produce in small runs and pre-order (to minimise wastage)
  • Research the latest eco-technologies and adapt the business model, processes, and production accordingly (I was one of the first Australian labels to adopt eco textiles)
  • Use digital and water-based printing methods (this reduces runoff and wastage)
  • Partner with businesses with environmentally sustainable practices
  • Use environmentally sustainable packaging and mailers
  • Continue to research and embrace new environmentally conscious business processes and products

Is there a project Tahsa Rui is currently delivering that you are excited about?

I am presently designing the second capsule collection drop for Tasha Rui. This new range of resort wear I am really excited to say will incorporate new technology in textile fabric that makes the swimsuits more durable. How does this help? Nylon waste, otherwise polluting the Earth, is transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon, which is then blended into high-quality luxury swimwear fabric that is extremely comfortable and provides a great fit. ECONYL® is a way to recycle and replace virgin nylon in our everyday products and clothes. Traditional production methods for nylon are not eco-friendly, they require huge amounts of water and produce a hefty amount of nitrous oxide, which is ten times more potent than carbon dioxide.

What climate action would you like to see Australia take?

I would like Australia to:

  • Take climate change seriously and invest in care for our eco-parks as a priority (E.g. The Great Barrier Reef)
  • Invest and promote research into new resources and technologies that are more environmentally sustainable
  • Provide incentives for businesses that are adopting environmentally sustainable practices and technologies to make a difference on climate change.

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