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Represented by Peter Mulherin, Leader


How does your organisation address climate change?

rebuildit was founded in 2007 on the principles of stewardship as a pathway to full circularity. We are founders and funders of three further business enterprises that sequentially advance business models for future resilience.

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

We believe iterating the existing linear and terminal economic model is a distraction that delays meaningful action. The competitive nature of extractive linear models demands externalities and exploitation. Measuring production and consumption as GDP is critical failure in a constrained environment. The global imperative is for a wide diversity of fully cyclical, regenerative and perpetuating economic models, owned and maintained in an inverted hierarchy where government and business rightly serve the planet, people and communities. We have worked across government, academia and business and recognise that their evolved frameworks and structures are not intended or capable of change in the time remaining available. We need a designed solution. We propose a new model where natural and social resources are measured by utilisation (GDU), embedded and disclosed at moments of trade and exchange with authority restored to the commons through a common currency.