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Tasha Rui

Represented by Natasha Lewis Honeyman


How does your organisation address climate change?

Tasha Rui is a lifestyle label that offers a summer look designed to help women create an artful and eco lifestyle that enables them to connect with and enjoy our beautiful Oceanic environment.

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

Tasha Rui’s key climate actions for 2022:

  1. Continue production of Tasha Rui eco swimsuits, enabling the system that supports the recycling and regeneration and re-use of synthetics that reduce RAW synthetics to be produced, reduces greenhouse gas emissions plus cleans up waterways and reduces landfill to continue.
  2. Raising awareness about climate action and a circular economy by sharing information about our production and materials to educate customers.

We achieved a brand alignment endorsement with ECONYL® regenerated nylon in May 2022, enabling the label to better communicate the messaging about reusing, recycling, and regenerated synthetic materials-and contributing to a circular economy.

  • Using natural fibres for the accessories product line. Begin to transition to organic natural fibres only. Target has been for 75% of our product line in 2022 to be made from organic natural fibres.

In 2022, we started the process of sourcing and producing accessories with organic natural fibres, reducing water and chemical usage. We adopted the use of linen, which reduces green house gases and also has multiple uses and is more sustainable than cotton.

We aim to achieve 100% organic cottons and linens in our product range by 2023.