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Outdoors People for Climate

Represented by Kristen Perry - Director, Secretary


How does your organisation address climate change?

Outdoors People for Climate is a 300-strong grassroots community of people who love, live, and work in the Australian outdoors. Climate change and other ecological stressors are causing irreversible damage to the wild places we love and will make it progressively harder for Australians to access the outdoors. We are here to call for meaningful, ambitious, and rapid political and business leadership on climate change in Australia.

People who love the outdoors represent a large and important stakeholder in the protection of wild Australian places from the threat of climate change. At Outdoors People for Climate, we are building a community of climate-engaged and climate-active outdoors enthusiasts and professionals from across Australia. Together, we speak up about the impact of climate change on outdoors people and the Australian outdoors, empower our community to take action in their outdoor adventures, workplaces, politically and beyond, and work with outdoor businesses to generate sector-wide change.