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Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Represented by Claire Richardson, Executive Director


How does your organisation address climate change?

In late 2019, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) developed an internal committee to lead the research and writing of a Sustainability Action Plan and contribute to a wider approach to address climate change across the arts sector. With representatives from each of ACCA’s departments including Executive, the ‘ACCA Green’ committee supports a culture of sustainable practice across the organisation and seeks to champion environmentally conscious practices in our artistic and wider communities.

ACCA’s Sustainability Action Plan (in development) formalises ACCA’s long-term commitment and contribution toward environmental sustainability and identifies how ACCA plans to work collectively to identify and action a range of sustainability initiatives. The Sustainability Action Plan aims to lessen the impact of creating and installing new exhibitions including travel and freight, increase efficiency, reduce waste, support the circular economy and generate discussion about sustainability and climate action. It is guided by ecological principles of supporting and amplifying First Nations perspectives and care for Country and creating a platform for contemporary artists who maintain an environmentally conscious practice.

ACCA Green gratefully acknowledges Creative Victoria for providing the opportunity to investigate the feasibility for sustainability projects involving ACCA’s building and amenities. It is with Creative Victoria’s support that ACCA has been able upgrade all exhibition lighting to LED in 2020.

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

Through the continuation of ACCA Green, we aim to develop and publish ACCA's Sustainability Action Plan and continue to work with Better Futures Australia to launch an Arts Sector Working Group so we may widen engagement and help encourage climate action across the global art community.