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Energy Synapse

Represented by Marija Petkovic


How does your organisation address climate change?

Our mission is to help drive the transition to clean energy by giving organisations the data and insights they need to make informed decisions. We pride ourselves on being a trust source of independent advice and helping to bring the most innovative clean energy projects to life.

Trusted advisor for clean energy projects: Energy Synapse has provided technical, commercial, strategic and regulatory advice for a wide range of clients ranging from VPP startups, councils and governments, and all the way up to developers of utility-scale renewables battery storage in the hundreds of megawatts. Our Director Marija Petkovic has been advising on battery storage since 2012 and in that time has become known as a leading expert in the field.

Leading experts in wholesale energy and FCAS  markets: Energy markets are our bread and butter at Energy Synapse. We regularly advise energy companies, large energy users, and government departments/agencies on wholesale energy and FCAS  markets. At Energy Synapse, we are known for our advanced proprietary modelling tools, which have the unique ability to forecast energy and FCAS prices at five minute intervals and the ability to capture the inherent volatility in these markets – a crucial factor for accurately modelling battery storage. We are also highly skilled in revenue modelling for a range of clean energy technologies, including battery storage.

Expert knowledge in technical and commercial aspects related to renewable energy projects: We have a talented team comprising of engineers with deep technical understanding of renewable energy projects, as well as team members with backgrounds in finance and commercial arrangements to give the ideal mix of techno-economic expertise. In addition to our consulting services, Energy Synapse has also recently launched a software platform, which benchmarks the technical and economic performance of every large-scale wind, solar, battery, and pumped hydro facility in Australia’s National Electricity Market. Energy Synapse has a wealth of data and insights from real operational projects, which gives us a unique edge when advising projects which are still in the development phase.

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

Energy Synapse has recently launched a software tool that helps empower investment in large-scale clean energy. This is a key initiative that will allow us to scale our impact on climate change. After we have proven the concept in Australia, we are keen to expand internationally (starting with the US), where we can have a truly global impact.

Energy Synapse was recently a finalist for the inaugural ClimateTech Impact award from Climate Salad, which recognises the game-changing potential of our software.