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Australian Insulation Foundation Ltd

Represented by Stephen King, CEO


How does your organisation address climate change?

Australian Insulation Foundation Ltd (AIFWA) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the health and quality of living for low-income Australians. 

We provide a free service to supply and install thermal insulation for WA social housing tenants, we also clean and remove old insulation improving the air quality of their home promoting health.

WA Social housing tenants are required to pay for insulation to be installed.

With our intervention we have saved these tenants about $2000.00 from the install cost of the insulation.

Reduce their household Carbon footprint by 1.8 tonne per year.

Saves the tenant over $600 reducing their heating and cooling costs per year.

Improve their health wellbeing. 

Creating jobs.

We aim to be self funded from our retention of energy savings from the insulation we install for free. We will look to sell our carbon credits to polluters to offset their carbon footprint.

We educate and promote insulation as a way to improve climate change via our commercial service installing thermal insulation for existing homeowners and property investors. 

We believe if all Australian homes are fitted with the correct R insulation value to the current Australian Insulation standards, we would be able to switch across to renewables. 

Until all Australian households are fitted with the correct insulation R Value we simply won't be able to reach our carbon emissions target.

If every Australian household was thermally insulated correctly to the national standard we will reduce our yearly carbon footprint by 18 million tonnes per year.

Since our foundations birth 2 years ago, we have raised over $50,000 to insulate 24 social housing properties across WA.

We have joined forces with Clean State to support their climate action plan and clean jobs for Western Australia.

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

We are advocating that thermal insulation should be made mandatory for all Australian households and to comply to the current insulation thermal standards.

We aim to insulation all WA 50,000 Social housing properties by 2030.

We aim to have our National rollout insulation scheme introduced by 2023.

We aim to have a national mandatory thermal insulation policy introduced by 2025.