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Comms Declare

Represented by Belinda Noble, Founder


How does your organisation address climate change?

Comms Declare is a group of around 300 individuals and 70 organisations from the PR, marketing and advertising industries that have pledged to not promote fossil fuels, high greenhouse pollution as 'business as usual' or spin around climate science. We are CANA members.

For the last century the advertising, PR and marketing industries have been promoting myths around fossil fuels. This includes manufacturing climate denial to delay cuts to coal, gas and oil production. Now these professions are helping big polluters maintain their social license to delay making the greenhouse gas cuts we desperately need. 

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

Comms Declare aims to persuade people in these industries to stop helping fossil fuel companies pretend to be the solution to the problem they are creating. We conduct an annual survey of the top 200 agencies in Australia to judge climate activities and award a 'Climate Comms Champion' to the most climate friendly agency. We also conduct campaigns against fossil fuel advertising.