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Edmund Rice Centre

Represented by Corinne Fagueret, Coordinator Pacific Calling Partnership


How does your organisation address climate change?

The Edmund Rice Centre has identified three priority areas of focus:

  • Indigenous Peoples and Reconciliation
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • The impact of climate change, especially on our neighbours in the Pacific

In each of our programs areas we:

  • Raise awareness about the causes of poverty and injustice and the need for human rights to be respected and advanced
  • Advocate for the needs of groups who are systematically excluded locally and globally
  • Promote social action that engages people in the work for social change

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

The Pacific Calling Partnership (PCP) began in May 2006 in recognition of the negative impacts climate change was having on the peoples of Kiribati, Tuvalu and islands of the Torres Strait. We are committed to listening to what islanders are saying about imminent threats to their way of life and collaborating with them in passing this important message on. The PCP strives to facilitate links between concerned people in Australia and Pacific Islands that are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.