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Organic & Regenerative Investment Cooperative

Represented by Carolyn Suggate, Director


How does your organisation address climate change?

The Organic and Regenerative Investment Co-operative is an innovative organisation, focussed on bringing together farmers, eaters and like-minded businesses. ORICoop exists to nurture and increase the amount and the productivity of organically and regeneratively managed land in Australia. While supporting farmers to be better land stewards of our delicate ecological food system and reducing our carbon footprint.

We believe that healthy soil leads to healthy waterways, better food, resilient farmers & stronger communities. We work with organic and biodynamic farms and support farmers to transition their agricultural businesses for the better. We bring together farmers and eaters who are interested in long term change.  That creates a more resilient Australian food and farming economy and changes the way our farmers do business … for the better!

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

We aim to sequester carbon through our Eco-Credits™ program. ORICoop is offering Eco-Credits™ to conscious businesses and individuals looking to offset their carbon footprint. Eco-Credits are deployed directly to organic farmers who can commit Eco-Credits to their farmland. Opportunities for the Eco-Credit commitments include: to draw down carbon into the soil, increase the quality and size of biodiversity on farmland, plant native trees, and increase the amount of cover cropping and pasture cover. These credits are independently and annually verified using the latest technology and measurement parameters.