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Represented by Sarah Rickard, Architect


How does your organisation address climate change?

Re-Architecture provides expertise to assist clients with making their home or building more sustainable, and support lifestyles that are resilient and regenerative.

The motivation for the business began with acknowledging the need to live more sustainably and build resilience in our community, to deal with the impacts of climate change and energy descent from peak fossil fuels.We are becoming more aware of the dependence of our current system built on finite resources such as oil, gas and coal, and to stop catastrophic climate change we need to change the current system. People need the solutions to be able to make this shift and will be looking for assistance to navigate the best way to do this. I believe sustainable design and living practices can be employed by any one and any business, so long as it is aligned with budget, ability and access. 

My aim is to provide expertise as a qualified and experienced Architect to assist my community in making the shift to live within a sustainable system. With my knowledge about solar passive design, sustainable construction, permaculture and sustainable living I offer a consultancy service, alongside traditional architectural services, to provide design and advice to homeowners, renters, and also those who cannot afford full architectural services.

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

Aim to minimise and remove GHG emissions generated by the business.

Aim to minimise energy & water use and remove any environmental impact caused by the business.

To continue to offset any further GHG emissions generated by the business.

To acknowledge and respect the Traditional Owners, their knowledge and care of Country of the land on which the business is located.

To aim for socially just, sustainable practice.

To assist Clients and Co-workers to do the same.