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Represented by Jaime-Lee Kay, Co-Founder & Director


How does your organisation address climate change?

theotherstraw is a social enterprise replacing plastic straws with reusable, ethically-sourced bamboo straws. We launched late 2018. Since then we have replaced 48,378,560  plastic straws from entering our landfills and polluting our natural environments.Our mission is to make the world a more sustainable place. And this is embedded in everything we do.

We offset all our CO2 emissions and invest in regenerating empty lands and restoring forests. We put part of our sales revenue to environmental projects to protect and restore our natural ecosystems. We are a 1% For The Planet member to further boost our support and love for our natural environments and oceans.

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

Climate policies and strategies are at the forefront of our business. We want to make sure everything we are doing is working towards a cleaner, healthier planet. All of our products are made from sustainable and renewable materials including bamboo and coconut. As a result, we've avoided 69,964 kg CO2 emissions from people switching to our straws instead of producing plastic straws. For our packaging, we do not use any virgin paper or materials. All our satchels, paper and card is made from post-consumer materials. So we can limit our CO2 footprint.

We have cancelled all of our CO2 emissions. Since day one, all of our orders have been sent out 100% carbon-neutral. We've supported 11 carbon offset projects to cancel our emissions and provide 100% carbon-neutral delivery. But we decided that just offsetting our deliveries wasn't enough. So we turned it up a notch and cancelled our entire business CO2 emissions. 

We track and monitor our business greenhouse gas emissions. We're currently researching and investing in other renewable energies and strategies as part of our commitment to protect, restore and regenerate our planet.

We are partnered with Carbon Neutral Australia. They are a carbon solutions provider and reforestation developer. Through our partnership with them, we are restoring forests and regenerating empty lands across Australia. Being carbon-neutral is a great start, but there is more that needs to be done.