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Jackson Teece

Represented by Lynette Apostolou, Practice Manager


How does your organisation address climate change?

Jackson Teece is an award-winning design consultancy with studios in Sydney, Brisbane and an expanding client base throughout Asia Pacific. We offer architecture, interior design, urban design and heritage conservation services. Our clients and projects benefit from the knowledge, creativity and synergies that arise from the interplay of these multi-disciplinary skills. At Jackson Teece we are changing the way we live, work and Design to be more responsible humans.

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

We encourage the effective use of recycling facilities at home and at work. We encourage carpooling, catching public transport or walking/riding to work to reduce our carbon footprint. We are advocates in minimising food, water and energy waste, encouraging eating or sharing leftovers with others. Jackson Teece supports OzHarvest Australia, and last year we donated in lieu of a Christmas party. Awareness to staff is at the forefront in our minds as we encourage the specification of sustainable building products and educating our clients on the short and long term benefits of doing so! There is so much more we can do and will do moving forward.