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pvi collective

Represented by kelli mccluskey



How does your organisation address climate change?

founded in 1998 and based on whadjuk noongar boodja, western australia, pvi collective is a tactical media art group who create participatory artworks intent on the creative disruption of everyday life. pvi use gameplay alongside emerging, familiar and diy technology to explore creative solutions for living in an unstable 21st century.

pvi believe in the potential for art to create systemic change. their work critically investigates contentious issues from privacy, disaster capitalism, climate crisis, corporate power, political corruption and the slow creep of alternative facts in our daily lives.

What is your organisation doing to create a better future?

this year we are joining pangolin and associates on a carbon neutral pilot project through the australia council for the arts. the aim is to embed progressive environmental practices throughout the organisation and work towards achieving climate active accreditation.