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Unfolding Futures Pty Ltd

Represented by Richard & Maria Maguire, Owners


How does your organisation address climate change?

Unfolding Futures has been involved in efforts for social and environmental flourishing for over 50 years in the US, Europe, and Australia. We were particularly inspired by reading "Silent Spring" in 1962, an article on the global warming effects of industrial CO2 emissions in Scientific American in 1959, and reading "Limits to Growth in 1970. We became especially practically and directly involved in climate action as co-founders of Parramatta Climate Action Network in 2007 and by reading Climate Code Red in 2008. We installed 12 Solar Panels on our home office roof in 2004 and doubled that in 2009. We initiated the Greater Western Sydney Energy Alliance in 2017 with other organisations to identify ways of making community, business, and governments in our area about the benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency.