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Who can join Better Futures Australia?


Better Futures Australia’s focus is on organisations, therefore any organisation which agrees with the Declaration can join the initiative. Both individual organisations and coalitions of organisations can join. Currently only those organisations based in Australia can join the initiative.

Examples of organisations in our coalition are companies, financial institutions, local councils and cities, state and territory governments, First Nations groups, academic and cultural institutions, farmers, industry bodies, healthcare and social institutions communities, and artists. 

Typically, Signatories include those who are:

  1. already taking climate action individually;
  2. committed to taking greater climate action individually;
  3. interested in taking climate action in collaboration with other stakeholders; and
  4. willing to speak up publicly with other actors in support of more ambitious climate action.

All members need to sign the Declaration that shares a commitment to take actions and support national and subnational policies that align with net zero before 2050.