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How is Better Futures Australia different from other engagements on climate change?


Better Futures Australia is unique because it aims to include a diversity of voices representing leaders from nearly every sector of society — companies and investors; farmers; industry bodies; First Nations organisations; healthcare institutions and social service organisations; state, territory and local governments; academic and cultural institutions; faith communities; cultural institutions and artists; and community organisations.

Acknowledging that we need everyone — across all walks of life — to realise the opportunities of a zero emissions future, Better Futures Australia works to complement efforts already underway and scale climate solutions and success stories across the country. 

The initiative brings together and builds on a number of pre-existing climate action initiatives, alliances and coalitions that have been operating in Australia, providing a connective tissue to strengthen our collective efforts. For example, it builds on existing climate change engagement by connecting existing climate champions and supporting further efforts to engage and enable new climate champions from all walks of life. 

There is no question that national targets and policies are needed to facilitate a smooth transition to a zero emissions economy, but together Better Futures Australia representatives are providing sustainable jobs, driving innovation, and collaborating to develop creative and inclusive solutions to climate change.