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What was the 2021 Better Futures Forum?


Better Futures Australia's focus event for 2021 was the Better Futures Forum (August 17-19), which provided a national moment for climate champions from across Australian society to converge. The Forum was supported by media partners, ambassadors, and attendees who drive climate action in their sectors and communities. The Better Futures Forum was timed for maximum influence, to showcase ambitious climate action underway in time for the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, 1-12 November 2021. Visit the Better Futures Forum website for more information.

Leaders in energy, business, finance, health, agriculture, transport, local and state government, unions, and First Nations communities showcased their plans and achievements in reducing carbon emissions, and publicly launched their collective commitment to ambitious national climate action.

Providing a unique platform for the robust exchange of ideas, the Better Futures Forum catalysed the innovations and opportunities of the energy transformation and was timed for maximum influence on the Australian position at the UN Climate Conference in November, 2021.

Keynote speakers for the event included former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon; NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean; US Climate and Foreign Policy Advisor Jonathan Pershing; UNFCCC High-Level Champion of Chile, Entrepreneur Mr. Gonzalo Muñoz; CEO of HESTA superfund, Debby Blakey; Founder and CEO of Vulcan Energy, Dr. Francis Wedin; Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Sandy Verschoor, Co-Chair of the Indigenous Peoples’ Organisation, Cathryn Eatock; and President of the National Council of Churches, Bishop Philip Huggins.

They were joined by a diverse lineup of experts including senior leaders from businesses and organisations such Wesfarmers, Australian Impact Investments, Intrepid Travel, Australian Council of Social Service, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, Farmers for Climate Action, Smart Energy Council, Green Building Council of Australia, Outdoor Council of Australia, and many others at the cutting edge of climate action in their sectors.

Additional speakers were announced as part of an agenda which included sessions ranging from state and local government and private sector ambition to decarbonise the economy; opportunities for driving further climate action across sectors for a healthy, resilient Australia; to showcasing contributions towards Australia's fair share of the Paris Agreement; and much more.

The Forum was held in a dynamic virtual space that connected individuals through interactive plenary sessions, lightning talks, workshops, exhibits, and entertainment across a number of stages.

The program included breakout sessions ranging from state and local government ambition to decarbonise the economy; opportunities for private sector leaders to drive further climate action and realise the benefits of a zero emissions future; to showcasing contributions towards Australia's fair share of the Paris Agreement; and much more.

The Better Futures Australia initiative was supported by Climate Action Network Australia and partners.