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What is Better Futures Australia?


Better Futures Australia is connecting climate champions from all sectors of our society – businesses and investors; state, territory and local governments; academic and cultural institutions; farmers; healthcare and social institutions; communities; and First Nations peoples. Together, we are sharing real-world opportunities of taking climate action today and showing local decision makers and the international community that Australians are ready to step up ambition on climate change.

Signatories to the Better Futures Australia declaration are committed to support climate action to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and deliver better futures for us all. 

Better Futures Australia is a member of Alliances for Climate Action, a global network of domestic multi-stakeholder coalitions committed to supporting the delivery and enhancement of their countries' climate goals and collaborating to build the groundswell of climate action across the world. Member coalitions exist in Argentina, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, United States, and Vietnam, all working to create alliances that are championing higher climate ambition and supporting local stakeholders to make collaborative climate action a reality on the ground.