Dr. Stuart Blanch - Senior Manager of Land Clearing and Restoration at WWF-Australia. Stuart has extensive knowledge and experience in environmental conservation and restoration. Along with his current role, Stuart is also a Director of the Forest Stewardship Council of Australia.  He has a PhD in aquatic plant ecology from the University of Adelaide and a Masters in Environmental Law from the University of Sydney.


Liam Walsh

Liam Walsh is the System Lead, Food Land & Oceans at ClimateWorks Australia. Liam has a diverse background in the global food system including the UN. He is currently leading ClimateWorks efforts to reduce emissions within the Food, Land & Ocean system across Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific..


Steve Gawler

Steve Gawler is the Regional Manager at ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) Oceania. As a part of his role at ICLEI, Steve also manages their Cities with Nature Program. Urban NBS is a large part of the program as they seek to tackle urban environmental and social issues with nature.

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