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Health Care

The Health Care Working Group convenes representatives of organisations, businesses and institutions that support the practice and delivery of healthcare services, including healthcare providers, public health advocates, researchers, insurers and unions.

We need to use our roles as clinicians and the trust that we have in our communities to carry that message forward, and become activists in climate change and health," Dr Simon Judkins, Emergency Physician.

Together they are amplifying leading voices in health care that are working to make a zero emissions health sector a reality in Australia today. 

The group hosted 'Better, Healthier Futures,' in December 2020. View the recording below.

Thanks to Lee Constable for moderating the session and to the excellent speakers involved:

  • Fiona Armstrong, CEO at Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) will speak on the Healthy, Regenerative and Just policy agenda
  • Dr Kate Wylie will speak about Doctors for the Environment Australia’s (DEA) work educating the medical profession about health and climate change
  • Dr Simon Judkins, Emergency Physician & Deputy Director of ED at Austin Health, President of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine

We would like to thank the Health Care Working Group Convenors, listed below, for their ongoing advice, thought leadership and support.

  • Fiona Armstrong, Executive Director at Climate and Health Alliance
  • Denise Cauchi, Executive Director at Doctors for the Environment Australia
  • Dr Kimberly Humphrey, Co-Director of Emergency Medicine Training, Emergency Medicine Specialist at Modbury Hospital; Deputy Chair at Australian College of Emergency Medicine; and Clinical Senior Lecturer at University of Adelaide

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If you have interest in supporting this group, let us know at [email protected]

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