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BFA Multi-Sectoral Roundtable

Highlights from the September 2023 Multi-Sectoral Roundtable: 

September's roundtable brought together Better Futures Australia's leaders and partners and showcased ongoing dedication to collaborative climate solutions of multiple working groups.

Guest speaker, Tessa Vincent, provided an insightful statement on the increasing significance of businesses, local governments, and civil society groups and the UN Climate Champions team in international climate negotiations. She emphasised the upcoming priorities for COP28.

Discussions ranged from Big Ask campaign partnerships to engagements out to a potential Australia-Pacific COP31 in 2026. It was clear that the Better Futures Australia community is working hard to see Australia exceed its climate commitments.

Thank you to all roundtable participants. Their dedication and insights power more ambition behind Australia's climate action. We look forward to the exciting updates and milestones from these discussions.

Watch the recording of September's Roundtable Discussion: 


September 21, 2023 at 10:00am - 12pm (Melbourne time)
Lisa Cliff ·