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BFA Multi-Sectoral Roundtable

Highlights from the May 2023 Multi-Sectoral Roundtable: 

The second multi-sectoral roundtable of 2023 brought together a diverse group of sector representatives, all working to accelerate ambitious national climate action. The collaborative forum was a testament to the collective determination to foster a climate resilient, zero emissions future for Australia.

Guest speaker, Tessa Ferry, delivered a compelling discussion on the pivotal role of non-state actors and the UN Climate Champions team in the global climate negotiations, sharing expectations for COP28 this December. Her insights highlighted the growing importance of businesses, local governments, First Nations and civil society organisations in shaping the climate conversation on a global stage.

Better Futures Australia's sector leaders then turned their attention towards the upcoming federal budget, noting the shared pre-budget submission and other efforts to shape a good outcome for climate. Guest speaker Elly Baxter shared expectations around energy and climate allocations. CANA's CEO Glen Klatovsky then spoke to the possibility of Australia co-hosting the 2026 COP31 conference with a Pacific partner, adding an extra layer of excitement to the discussion.

The roundtable also served as a platform for sharing updates on various Sector Working Group activities. Representatives from nature-based solutions, health, transport, the renewable exports sunshot alliance, national energy transition authority, corporate finance, the materials and embodied carbon leaders alliance, and local government offered insights into their current initiatives and future plans.

Speakers brought to light the need for multi-level governance and cross-sector collaboration if Australia is to make a significant impact. They also explored wellbeing indicators, a national framework for nature-based solutions, and the urgent need to reevaluate fossil fuel financing.

Finally, the discussion shifted to the upcoming global climate negotiations, COP28 in Dubai, UAE. The consensus was clear: Australia must be a positive influence to drive global climate ambition. 

The roundtable highlighted the collective ambition of the Better Futures Australia community to see Australia over deliver on its climate commitments, and to co-host a pivotal COP in four years time. As we continue our journey towards a climate-resilient Australia, we look forward to sharing more updates from these dynamic discussions.

Special thanks are due to our exceptional guest speakers - Tessa Ferry, Elly Baxter, and Glen Klatovsky - for sharing their invaluable perspectives on the matter. Along with the several sector representatives that contributed to a rich discussion on the initiatives driving ambitious climate action in Australia. 

Watch the recording of May's Roundtable discussion: 


View the slides from Tessa Ferry's UN Climate Champion update: 

May 03, 2023 at 8:00am - 10am (Melbourne time)
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