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PLAN E: how to enact a climate and ecological emergency response

Dr Liz Boulton recently completed a transdisciplinary research project investigating the idea of framing climate and environmental change (CEC) as a new type of threat: a hyperthreat. She applied traditional military analytical methods to assess the hyperthreat and its context and develop ideas about how an adequate response could be conceived.  She found that while there are risks associated with securitization, there are also risks when planetary issues are marginalised within security strategy. In this forum, Dr Boulton will provide an overview of the approach, key analytical insights, and will introduce PLAN E – a concept for a climate and ecologically centred security strategy.

This is a Global Climate Change Week event hosted by the University of Tasmania.

October 18, 2022 at 6:00pm - 7pm (Melbourne time)
Elizabeth Boulton

Will you come?