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Open Letter to Australia’s CEOs

28 April, 2021

Australia’s response to the global pandemic shows what is possible when our leaders acknowledge a crisis and act decisively. Imagine what our nation can achieve with the same non-partisan leadership collectively working to accelerate solutions to the ever-looming backdrop of our current health and economic crises – climate change. As business leaders, you have an historic opportunity and responsibility to act. 

With climate momentum building overseas, the need for private-sector leadership to drive climate action has never been greater. It is encouraging to see so many companies setting ambitious goals to reduce their own emissions. While such commitments are important, public policy is essential to deliver emission reductions at the speed and scale needed. 

That’s why business leadership on climate change must include policy leadership.

To those companies that have taken action to support climate policy, we commend you and ask you to continue and even redouble your efforts. To the rest, now is the time to step up. 

We call on all businesses to adopt a science-based climate advocacy agenda aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit average global temperature increase to 1.5˚C above pre-industrial levels. 

To be on track for 1.5°C, Australia must achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions well before 2050 and at the very least halve our emissions this decade. 

As an Australian business leader, we ask you to take action today to:

  1. Publicly support an ambitious 2030 goal (Nationally Determined Contribution) for Australia under the Paris Agreement.
  2. Commit to work together, alongside and in partnership with government leadership, to realise net zero emissions futures by signing the Better Futures Australia Declaration.
  3. Publicly advocate for legislation, regulations and policies to cut climate pollution and put Australia on a more rapid path to net zero emissions and climate resilient, prosperous futures.
  4. Engage decision makers at the upcoming national Better Futures Forum, through 17-19 August, in publicly expressing your support for ambitious national climate policies. 

Now is the time to secure meaningful climate policy, and business leadership is vital to meet this moment. Visit to learn more, and please let any one of us know how we can help. 


Logos of organisations signed onto CEO Letter

Logos of organisations signed onto CEO Letter


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