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You're being called to regenerate our planet: what's your vision?

We invite you to imagine and experience your vision of the world you long for.

If now isn’t the time for us to be taking bold leaping moonshots of imagination, and large gulps of active hope towards a regenerative world and a thriving present/future, then when is?

We invite you to come to a special visioning event where you will be guided to dream and experience the world you long for. A present/future that you sense all species are calling on us to co-create. What does it feel like, smell like, look like? How are we living?

We will drop into this experience held by Pru Gell (facilitator) and Yin Paradies (Professor of Race Relations, Deakin University) who created this visioning event with Chris Riedy (Professor Sustainability Transformations, UTS), and Nathan Scolaro (Dumbo Feather) with the Coalition of Everyone for The Futurenow Project.

You will walk away with your very own vision for a better present/future, perhaps some new connections and ideas on how to move into regenerating the planet with other like minded change-makers.

“Imaginations shared create collaboration, and in collaboration we find community, and in community anything is possible” Terry Tempest Williams, Bioneers 2019.

This is an online event. Click here for more information.


March 31, 2021 at 10:00am - 11:30am (Melbourne time)
Willow Berzin · 0477 836 599

Will you come?