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The fundamental role of natural capital solutions

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As the world comes together to address the current health and climate crisis, we believe accelerating Australia’s transition to a zero emissions society is central to our economic recovery and to delivering better futures for us all. Acknowledging that we need everyone – across all walks of life – to realise the opportunities of a zero emissions future, Better Futures Australia works to complement climate work already underway and scale success stories across the country.

This was session 1 of a 3-part webinar series to hear real-world stories from leaders in the land and agriculture sector on the importance of nature based climate solutions, and how we can harness the opportunities and make it happen. Watch the recording to hear advice on how to join Australia’s growing community of climate champions that are working to create a prosperous, net zero emissions agricultural and land sector by 2050.


The fundamental role of nature-based solutions in taking climate action. The discussion highlighted gaps and practical opportunities for transitioning farmers and land holders to zero-emissions futures, setting the scene for the following sessions.

Questions addressed

  • Why is restoring our land so important?
  • What impact does the water cycle have on climate?
  • What impact does biodiversity have on nutritional food outcomes?


Jennifer Lauber Patterson, Founder of Frontier Impact Group and Director at Climate Crisis Capital


  • Rowan Foley, CEO Aboriginal Carbon Foundation
  • Walter Jehne, former CSIRO Climate Scientist and Microbiologist, founder of Healthy Soils Australia, Soil Carbon Coalition
  • Judith Schwartz, Author of Cows Save the Planet and Water In Plain Sight: Hope for a Thirsty World
  • Gundula Rhoades, Carbon8 Fund
  • Leanne Sommer, Sustainable Beef, WWF-Australia


There are very elegant, safe natural solutions. All we have to do is go back to nature to say, ‘How did nature create these soils, landscapes, biosystems, hydrology, and natural cooling functions?’” - Walter Jehne, former CSIRO Climate Scientist and Microbiologist, founder of Healthy Soils Australia

For information on how to join the Agriculture & Land Sector Working Group to be involved in future discussions, reach out to us at [email protected].

November 20, 2020 at 10:30am - 12pm (Sydney time)