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Heal Country: Pursuing Global Justice

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To celebrate National NAIDOC Week, the Indigenous Peoples’ Organisation Australia and Better Futures Australia are hosting a free webinar series — Heal Country, Heal Climate. Join this critical dialogue among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to explore climate change impacts and solutions, from Monday 5 - Friday 9 July.

The final Webinar in the series, Pursuing Global Justice, is Chaired by Cathy Eatock. Speakers include: 

  • Dr Virginia Marshall
    • Drawing on Global Standards
  • Yessie Mosby & Lisa Viliamu Jameson
    • The Torres Strait 8 complaint to the UN Human Rights Council against the Australian Government. The first case worldwide to link climate change to peoples' right to culture.
  • Pastor Ray Minniecon
    • First Nations, the United Nations Development Program & Sustainable Development Goals
  • Kado Muir
    • Resourcing First Nation Custodians
  • Cathy Eatock
    • Global Strategies Going Wrong & First Nation Input into COP 26

Panelists will explore ways of collectively looking after country and taking ownership of our collective futures.

Discussions aim to identify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander climate change priorities that will inform an action plan to be advocated for during this year’s global climate change negotiations.

These discussions also aim to raise awareness of the national treasure we share in the world’s oldest living Indigenous culture, and facilitate the exchange of unique Indigenous land and water knowledge systems to inform Australia’s climate change response.

Indigenous participants will be invited to attend a workshop to follow this series to further refine the priorities to take to the global climate change negotiations, COP26, in November 2021.

Note: this is an online event.

Click on the dates below to register for further webinars in the series: 

July 09, 2021 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm (Sydney time)
Cathryn Eatock ·