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BFA Multi-Sectoral Roundtable

Highlights from the January 2023 Multi-Sectoral Roundtable:

The first multi-sectoral roundtable of 2023 drew together an array of sector representatives committed to driving bold national climate action. The roundtable demonstrated the collective resolve to develop a climate-resilient, zero emissions future for Australia.

Keynote speaker, Tony Wolfe, a BFA Climate Champion, recounted his own 'lightbulb' moment for what's needed to bring heavy industry workers with us on the energy transition, and emphasised the potential of renewable projects in Gippsland. Tony's advocacy for the transition to clean energy in the power industry resonated, as he stressed the importance of communication in overcoming resistance and apprehensions towards technological advances.

Sector leaders discussed the imminent federal budget and the joint pre-budget submission, in a bid to influence a favourable climate outcome. Current initiatives like the Open Letter from private sector leaders on the Safeguard Mechanism and the upcoming multi-sectoral meeting were brought into focus.

The roundtable served as a hub for sharing updates from various Sector Working Group activities. Representatives from renewable energy, transport, materials and embodied carbon leaders alliance, business council for sustainable development, B Corp climate collective, local government, nature-based solutions, and health, shed light on their present initiatives and future plans.

Discussions revealed the need for multi-level governance, cross-sector collaboration, and the imperative to reevaluate fossil fuel financing to make a significant climate impact. Various sectors highlighted their specific focus areas such as renewable energy storage targets, transport strategies, decarbonising the health sector, and developing a framework for nature-based solutions.

The attendees also discussed preparations for the global climate negotiations - COP28 in Dubai, UAE, echoing the sentiment that Australia should play a key role in driving global climate ambition.

The collective ambition of the Better Futures Australia community was underscored, with an emphasis on Australia exceeding its climate commitments. We look forward to sharing further updates from these important discussions on our path to a climate-resilient Australia.

Special thanks to our stellar keynote speaker - Tony Wolfe - for sharing his valuable insights and experience in the climate action field. Additionally, the numerous sector representatives that contributed to a rich discussion on initiatives driving ambitious climate action in Australia.

January 25, 2023 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm (Melbourne time)
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