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Climate champions from all walks of life are uniting to deliver better futures for all Australians in a zero-carbon economy. 

The Better Futures Australia initiative is launching today with an initial [XXXX signatories across XXXX sectors], with plans to achieve representation of all Australian sectors and communities in time for next year’s UN climate conference. This initiative aims to engage leaders on collaborative projects that support and enhance the delivery of Australia’s climate goals under the Paris Agreement.

In the context of the recently launched Technology Roadmap, which has been criticised as an aspirational roadmap to nowhere, the Better Futures Australia initiative aims to demonstrate Australia’s readiness to seize opportunities for investment in zero-carbon industries that will create sustainable jobs and build climate-resilient and prosperous futures for all Australians. 

Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic shows what is possible when our leaders acknowledge a crisis, listen to experts and act decisively. That same leadership is required to accelerate solutions to the ever-looming backdrop of our current health and economic crises - climate change.

“We have an opportunity to rebuild our economy and transition to a zero carbon society, building a better future for all of us at the same time. Better Futures Australia is about showing that Australian communities, businesses and governments can work together to keep us safe from the devastating impacts of climate change” said XXXX

At the next UN climate conference in November 2021, all countries are expected to bring new commitments to climate action. The EU and China have indicated they are ramping up their ambition. Now is the time for all Australians to demonstrate we are willing to play our part and commit to take ambitious climate action that will provide jobs, benefit our economy, as well as keep our climate safe.

To raise ambition on climate, signatories of Better Futures Australia commit to:

  • taking climate actions and scaling them up through individual effort and collaboration;
  • showcasing commitments and actions to inspire other Australians to realise zero carbon opportunities; 
  • working together, alongside and in partnership with Federal, State and Local Government leadership, to ensure Australia contributes to delivery of the Paris Agreement; and
  • inviting all Australians to champion a national response that will reach net-zero emissions by 2050 or sooner. 

Julie-Anne Richards, Executive Director of Climate Action Network Australia said: "Everyone will be affected by climate change. I strongly believe that the private sector, state, territory and local governments and communities have a crucial role to play in investing in zero carbon industries, creating sustainable jobs and building better futures for all Australians. By working together, we can create zero emissions buildings, transport, cities and regions; electrify manufacturing; produce carbon neutral food; restore land and protect the ecosystems that we rely on.”

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