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Designing cars built from recycled phones, restoring a kelp forest, or rethinking our financial systems, there are endless ways students will transform our future towards a more sustainable, ethical, and liveable global community.

Join our student leaders, climate innovators and experts to explore how climate change is transforming the future of work and what skills the next generation will need to rise to the challenge.  

Earth Day has been celebrated globally for more than 50 years and is an event dedicated to promoting awareness of the health of our environment. During 2022, the thematic focus will be on climate action and the Climate Alliance plans to celebrate by exploring the intersection of climate and work with a virtual student event.  

Across the globe, climate change is impacting careers and not only in closely related industries, such as renewable energy and technologies. First nation communities’ traditional work practices are being disrupted, agriculture and food security is threatened, health and emergency workers battle with climate-related sicknesses, viruses, and extreme weather events. Working practices and conditions for many are insecure, underpaid, and unfulfilling.     


April 22, 2022 at 7:00am - 9pm (Brisbane time)
Tanya Dellicompagni

Will you come?