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We can secure 24-hour renewable energy AND stop price spikes

Mirage News, 6 SEP 2022

Today, we have 3.4GW of storage capacity available in the energy grid. There’s a massive 47GW of storage proposed by utilities across the country. If we could fast track the proposed storage, then we can secure 24-hour renewable energy AND stop price spikes.

Ensuring there’s a vision and strategy in place to support ongoing investment in energy storage will be essential for success. Renewables industry body the Smart Energy Council has joined forces with Better Futures Australia, an alliance of business and community leaders representing more than 7 million Australians, to call for much needed strategic investment in renewable energy storage.

"Renewable energy storage is the key to 24-hour power in the 21st Century,” said John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council.

"Whether it’s a home solar battery or a battery on wheels via an electric vehicle, a Big Battery project or pumped hydro, renewable energy storage will be the lifeblood of the energy grid of the future, delivering energy security and lower power bills."

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